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Apple CEO Tim Cook Publicly Comes Out Of The Closet

We had a sneaking suspicion that Apple CEO Tim Cook was leading up to something with his recent impressive civil rights speech in Alabama. Turns out our homo hunches were right! In a major scoop for Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook came out as gay and proud! Cook writes: While

Batman Asked If He’s Gay Point Blank In New DC Comic

For the first time, the question of Batman’s sexuality has been referenced point blank in mainstream comic-book print. The honor goes to Grant Morrison’s Multiversity: The Just #1, which sees Alexis Luthor (daughter of Lex) asking Batman (Damian Wayne, son of Bruce, this time around) if he

WATCH: “Halo: Nightfall” Gets Its First Full-Length Trailer!

Back in July we got to whet our appetite with a teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s Halo: Nightfall. If that was an amuse-bouche, then today’s release — the first full-length trailer — is the complete hors d’œuvre. This time around, we get an in-depth look at Agent Jameson Locke

This Week’s 10 Hottest Hunks Of Cosplay: Issue 10!

If you’ve opened up a cosplay gallery on the Internet recently, then like us, you will undoubtedly notice the intense focus on boobs and babes. We’ve looked at so many breast implants and lip injections while hunting for this weekend’s images that we’re about to call of

Live Tweeting iPad Air 2 / iPad Mini 3 Apple Event!

At work and can’t watch Apple’s live event where it is expected that the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 will be announced? We got your gorgeous backs! Simply follow us on Twitter for all the pertinent announcements from Cupertino!

Bisexual Actor Andy Mientus Joins “The Flash”

How could we love The Flash any more than we already do after that kick ass premiere? Well, the CW’s casting department resolutely answered our rhetorical question today by announcing that Smash alum Andy Mientus will join the show to play DC Comics’ first gay villain, Hartley Rathaway

Netflix’s “Daredevil” Revealed By Marvel!

Hunky cosplayers’ skin wasn’t the only thing  being revealed at New York Comic Con over the weekend; Marvel also waited until the last minute to take the wraps off the latest incarnation of Daredevil/Matt Murdock, which will appear in the upcoming Netflix series. For those who couldn’t

The 10 Hottest Hunks Of Cosplay: New York Comic Con Edition!

We’ve spent so much time at the 2014 New York Comic Con the past several days that we decided to start having our mail forwarded here. We’ve weaved our way through the show floors, waited hours in line for panels and even scouted the food court — all in

Is Wonder Woman The Ultimate Queer Character?

Move aside Constantine, Batwoman and the Young Avengers. Wonder Woman is the ultimate queer character in comics. Phil Jimenez should know. He helmed the beloved character’s series as a writer and artist from 2000 – 2003. So, what makes Wonder Woman twirl above the rest? “I use