Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gets Pre-Order And Pricing Info

Image: PCPro

Image: PCPro

With all the attention paid this month to the Galaxy S IV, it’s easy to overlook the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device that first made a huge splash at CES 2013. After all, isn’t 8 inches the best amount of inches?

Samsung’s Australia and South Africa divisions revealed that the launch “window” for the Note 8 in those respective countries would be “from early April,” so I decided to check around and see if a hard date for the States has been made available yet. Unfortunately, nothing’s confirmed, but it would be surprising if the mini-tablet wasn’t available in the U.S. “from early April” as well. It will likely be a few more months before we see the data networked version since the 3G model just hit the FCC a week ago.

I did, however, discover that Excalibur PC is now accepting pre-orders for the 16gb Wi-Fi Galaxy Note 8 for $449.00, more than $100 above the iPad Mini, the mini-tablet Samsung hopes to dethrone with the new model.

Will you dig that deep into your Diesels for an 8-inch stylus-optimized Android tablet?

I will! I’m not discouraged by the price, so no shade! I’ve been waiting with bated breath since the first Note 8 rumor-mill whet my gadget appetite. Now if only we can get a confirmed release date…