Campaign Launches To Help You Quit Facebook For 99 Days

Screenshot 2014-07-09 14.50.10

Been meaning to take a Facebook break but keep putting it on the back burner? Tried it and found it more difficult than a stint at Betty Ford? Dutch company Just is here to help.

By publicizing your plan to be a FB teetotaler, Just thinks falling off the wagon will be even more difficult with its “99 Days of Freedom” campaign. So, they’ve released an image for you to make your Facebook profile picture (above) and provide you with a personalized countdown clock that is meant to be “your last link (for now).”

Screenshot 2014-07-09 14.51.32

The final step is obviously the most challenging: “Don’t use Facebook for 99 Days.” But perhaps the giant countdown clock that lets you know you still have 98 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes to go will help you stay on track.

Will this work? We can’t tell you; we work on Facebook and have a million other excuses why 99 days is 98 and a half too long to abstain.