‘Thief’ To Be Made Into Big-Budget Movie?


The cross-platform reboot of Thief that hit the market earlier this year was severely underrated by major games critics, IMHO. But it looks like another industry is a fan: Hollywood.

It appears that the stealth action AAA game will be made into a movie, according to a report obtained by Hollywood insider source Tracking Board. According to TB, Vertigo and Prime Universe are developing the adaptation, which might bold well considering the companies’ history with video games flicks; Vertigo is responsible for Hitman based on the game, while Prime Universe is still riding high from its blockbuster adaptation, The Lego Movie. Both of these films were more successful than the unfortunately large crop of video game movies that fail to hit the mark (Tomb Raider, anyone?).

Also boding well and instilling optimism about Thief’s Hollywood hopes is the fact that Vertigo says the adaptation will be based on the original 1999 game rather than this year’s release. Purists who discounted Thief 2014 are likely rejoicing at the news that they’ll likely be watching Thief: The Dark Project in IMAX in two years time.

Now, all eyes are on the casting of Garrett, the franchises sarcastic antihero (think a medieval Deadpool), an unallied master thief tasked with a major covert operation. Might we suggest someone? After seeing him in eyeblack in Warm Bodies, the gorgeous Nicholas Holt, already pasty and a talented actor in his own right, would be perfect for the role! Can you see it?