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If Spider-Man Was Drawn Like The New Super-Sexualized Spider-Woman [NSFW]

Milo Manara’s reimagined Spider-Woman has taken over the Internet (and the laws of anatomy, apparently). As controversy continues to erupt across the media and within Marvel itself, indie comic god The Oatmeal has turned the scandal on its well-defined head. What if Spider-Man were drawn with all

Email, Internet & Satellites Predicted In 1960s Comic Strip

Comics these days don’t predict much more than our bank account balance (if they’re good and we plan to get the next volume or issue). Back in the ’60s, however, they predicted the future (or the now?) with stunning accuracy. The Sunday comic strip Our New Age

Mr. Potato Head Gets Mashed-Up With Marvel Superheroes

Sometimes we’re jealous of Kids These Days (until we remember how cool it was to be a kid in the ’80s). Our jealousy was tested Monday afternoon, however, when Marvel and Hasbro took the wraps off the commercial for the Mr. Potato Head Marvel Mashable toys. Now,

First Look At Paul Rudd In Marvel’s “Ant-Man”

In Stark contrast (pun intended) to Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, the first image of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) shows the grittier origins of this particular Marvel superhero. And we love it. Lang, a down-on-his luck criminal tasked with lifting cutting-edge technology, will obviously

Will Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Come Out As Gay On The AMC Show?

There has been an air of mystery surrounding The Walking Dead‘s popular badass, Daryl Dixon. Though he’s the object d’affection for fangirls and fangays alike, he’s simply been too busy killing zombies to have a romance. That all may soon change according to Walking Dead creator Robert

HOT: Aussie Rugby Players Don Marvel Superhero Uniforms!

We haven’t watched a single rugby game in our lives, but we might start thanks to the uniforms that certain teams in the Australia Rugby League have started wearing! Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk can now be seen on the rugby pitch thanks to

15 Unintentionally Gay Comic Book Panels!

Before there was Northstar and Hulkling and Wiccan and the modern Bat Girl, queer life could only be found in the most unintentional ways in comic books. With a little help from NewNowNext, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite “unintentionally queer” panels from vintage comic books.

Marvel Readying Female Superhero-Lead Movie For 2017!

Marvel’s commitment to diversity will spill over into its big-budget movies if a new report from Deadline is on the money. A female-lead superhero flick might be coming our way in 2017 courtesy of Sony, and drawing from the Spider-Man universe. We don’t yet know which character we’ll

Joaquin Phoenix In Talks To Play Doctor Strange

The rumor mill has churned out Johnny Depp, Liam Niesson, Javier Bardem as names of the A-List actors considered for the role of Doctor Strange. Though he’s just another rumor, the talk around Joaquin Phoenix joining the Marvel universe by taking on the role is a bit more

Vision, Ant-Man & More Are Revealed In Marvel Movie Character Posters

The gift that is San Diego Comic Con keeps on giving. (Unlike the other gifts that keep on giving, no clinic visit is necessary!) The team behind one of Summer 2015′s most anticipated movies, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, has slowly released character photos of the superheroes and

People You See At Every Nerd Convention

As SDCC kicks into full gear, Dorkly’s Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman return with the third edition of their hit series: “People You See At Every Nerd Convention.” All we can say is yes to every one of these!