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WATCH: “Halo: Nightfall” Gets Its First Full-Length Trailer!

Back in July we got to whet our appetite with a teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s Halo: Nightfall. If that was an amuse-bouche, then today’s release — the first full-length trailer — is the complete hors d’œuvre. This time around, we get an in-depth look at Agent Jameson Locke

Marvel Entertainment To Receive Honor From L.A. LGBT Center!

Marvel’s superheroes may appear on the pages and screens, but the real superheroes are behind-the-company’s-scenes — and they’ll finally receive their due from the L.A. LGBT Center on November 8. Marvel’s pioneering of LGBT characters and issues in the geekdom has earned it a prestigious 2014 Vangaurd Award

Marvel’s Avengers Get Hello Kitty Makeover

Hello Kitty’s been on the news a lot lately (thanks to this little shocking announcement), but now she’s on … Marvel’s Avengers? Like, literally? Apparently so, thanks to digital artists Dreamstore, Leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas (not a typo!) and Nerdwegian. We’ve seen a lot of superhero makeovers online lately, but we’ve gotta say this is the

Fierce Disney Princesses Suit Up For Battle

We like our Disney princesses modern, tough and giving a middle finger to mid-century patriarchal, heteronormative values. This gaggle of cosplayers embodied just that at Vancouver’s Anime Revolution event over the weekend, and, thanks to photographer William Phan, we can feel like we were there to bask in

George Takei Documentary Hits Theaters Friday!

George Takei, the leader of the gay geeks himself, is the subject of a sassy new documentary that’s heading to theaters tomorrow (Friday, August 22). To Be Takei takes a look at the man behind the “Oh, my,” and, according to the film’s description: A hilarious and

First Look At Paul Rudd In Marvel’s “Ant-Man”

In Stark contrast (pun intended) to Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, the first image of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) shows the grittier origins of this particular Marvel superhero. And we love it. Lang, a down-on-his luck criminal tasked with lifting cutting-edge technology, will obviously

Disney Princesses Transformed Into Hipsters

We’ve groveled over Disney hunks re-imagined as queer and twinks, but what about the Disney princesses? The latest interpretation of some of the most classic animated characters in modern history fantasizes how they’d look if they happened to live in Bushwick, Downtown L.A., etc. Who do you

Behind The Amazing ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ SFX Make-Up

A significant portion of the credit for Marvel’s runaway hit Guardians of the Galaxy being so transportive is due David White’s way. The head of Altered States FX was tapped once again by Marvel Studios (after working on Thor: The Dark World) to enrich the alien worlds within reach

Disney Goes REALLY Gay At New Art Exhibition

Our youth has already caught up with us when it comes to SpongeBob SquarePants. Now, thanks to artist Jose Rodolfo Loaiza, Disney has matured and gone queer, too, since the last time we checked in with the animation house. Loaiza’s LGBT-ified Disney characters are on view in the

Marvel Readying Female Superhero-Lead Movie For 2017!

Marvel’s commitment to diversity will spill over into its big-budget movies if a new report from Deadline is on the money. A female-lead superhero flick might be coming our way in 2017 courtesy of Sony, and drawing from the Spider-Man universe. We don’t yet know which character we’ll