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GX3 Byte Size Review: Hohokum

If Burning Man was distilled into video game format, it might look and play a lot like Hohokum. Both boast minimal rules, no boundaries and indulge in an excess of art and music. But Burning Man, the counter-culture Labor Day week festival that’s taken over the Nevada

EA At Vancouver Pride

Plants and zombies took over Vancouver Pride last weekend in British Columbia, thanks to EA’s awesome participation in the parade and festival! The game-making giant shared its rainbow-tinted adventures with the masses today in a blog post that’s worthy of applause that reads: EA was thrilled to

“Selfie” & “Hashtag” Are Officially Eligible Words In Scrabble!

Though they’ve been included in dictionaries for a few years now, if “selfie” and “hashtag” fall out of your grandmother’s mouth in the near future, you probably have Scrabble to blame. The Millennial catchphrases have been included in the fifth edition of the Official Scrabble Dictionary alongside other additions

Watch: The Legend Of “Dark Link”

Some parts of Hyrule must not be used to diversity! A newcomer to the area has been mistaken by a curmudgeonly wizard for Dark Link, an antagonist in the Legends of Zelda mythology who’s basically just a shadow. “It’s dark magic!” the wizard says. “Nope, I’m just black,”

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Creators Invite Players To Be Queer

Dungeons & Dragons has always had a special place for its queer players, but with the latest edition of the rulebook, creators are specifically reaching out to the LGBT community (and even those who aren’t!). The updated rulebook serves to stoke the imagination of players from all

There Might Not Be A GaymerX3, But GaymerX Will Live On

It took a lot to pull off the massively impressive feat that was GaymerX2 earlier this month — more resources than GaymerX could pull in, unfortunately. According to creator Matt Conn, this means that there likely won’t be a GaymerX3 in 2015. But it’s not the end

Watch: Parkour Team Brings Assassin’s Creed Unity To Life In Paris!

The parkour-like maneuverability of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is its greatest selling point. So, it was only natural, then, to promote the upcoming title that allows four-men assassin teams to work together in virtual Paris with a four-man parkour team in real life Paris. Check out the jaw-dropping

Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog

We were treated last week to a depressing look at “Shredder: The Later Years.” Today the fangay melancholy continues with “Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog.” “What, you don’t mean hedgehogs can run at speeds that’d make a Ferrari blush and transform their bodies into flying ballistics?” — the