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Marvel’s Avengers Get Hello Kitty Makeover

Hello Kitty’s been on the news a lot lately (thanks to this little shocking announcement), but now she’s on … Marvel’s Avengers? Like, literally? Apparently so, thanks to digital artists Dreamstore, Leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas (not a typo!) and Nerdwegian. We’ve seen a lot of superhero makeovers online lately, but we’ve gotta say this is the

Brace Yourself: Sanrio Says Hello Kitty Isn’t Actually A Kitty!

Ravers, Japanophiles, little girls and gay boys, Sanrio fanboys and pop-art lovers might want to sit down for this news: Hello Kitty is not a cat but instead a little girl. Wha? That’s right. The dizzying clarification came straight, err, directly from Sanrio itself ahead of L.A.’s upcoming

Email, Internet & Satellites Predicted In 1960s Comic Strip

Comics these days don’t predict much more than our bank account balance (if they’re good and we plan to get the next volume or issue). Back in the ’60s, however, they predicted the future (or the now?) with stunning accuracy. The Sunday comic strip Our New Age

Fierce Disney Princesses Suit Up For Battle

We like our Disney princesses modern, tough and giving a middle finger to mid-century patriarchal, heteronormative values. This gaggle of cosplayers embodied just that at Vancouver’s Anime Revolution event over the weekend, and, thanks to photographer William Phan, we can feel like we were there to bask in

‘My Little Pony’ Goes Gay In Artist’s Incredible Sculptures!

The Brony movement is now a household name, and, thanks to artist Mari Kasurinen, the LGBT contingent of the subculture is getting the spotlight. The Finnish artist’s trademark sculptures mashing-up pop icons with My Little Pony have been popular in Europe for years. But a new show

Disney Princesses Transformed Into Hipsters

We’ve groveled over Disney hunks re-imagined as queer and twinks, but what about the Disney princesses? The latest interpretation of some of the most classic animated characters in modern history fantasizes how they’d look if they happened to live in Bushwick, Downtown L.A., etc. Who do you

WATCH: Men Try On Women’s Spanx

BuzzFeed underscores why it deserves that $50 million in expansion funding by squeezing four regular dudes in women’s Spanx just to see what happens. The fact that men’s Spanx are already a thing just makes this whole experiment even more confusing.   But, the guys are cute