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Twitter Shuts Down Account That Waged War On Facebook Drag Queens

Twitter has played an unlikely role in the current battle between drag queens and Facebook. Upon learning of the “Real Name Police” account and its anti-gay spearheading of a campaign to sabotage drag queens on Facebook, Twitter took a rare and welcome step: suspension of the account.

Facebook Vs. Drag Queens Round 1: Facebook Wins

Most people are scared of starting fights with drag queens (drag queens usually win, remember Stonewall?), but Facebook is standing its ground. In the battle over which names can be displayed on personal profiles, Facebook maintains that “real names” (a.k.a. government names) are all that is allowed.

Facebook Donates $10,000 To Utah’s Anti-Gay Attorney General

On the heels of Apple’s not-so-gay-friendly news comes another big tech company blunder: Facebook has donated $10,000 to support Utah’s vitriolic homophobic Attorney General Sean Reyes. Reyes became well-known to the LGBT community in 2013 when he vowed to “spend whatever it takes” (which now includes 10k

Being Gay In Silicon Valley

Being within spitting distance of San Francisco doesn’t necessarily mean every day is a Pride Parade. The atmosphere for the LGBT community in Silicon Valley—like most places in the U.S.—has experienced a slow ascent to full inclusion. While the major tech companies have started to make colorful and

Are These The Most Brilliant Facebook Cover Photos Ever?

Redditor RubberDogTurds (government name: Nikki) has mastered the art of Facebook cover photos and made the rest of us look like hacks. Nikki’s creations tap into some of our favorite TV shows and movies and utilize perfect costuming, makeup and, of course, Photoshop skills. Check out the

Campaign Launches To Help You Quit Facebook For 99 Days

Been meaning to take a Facebook break but keep putting it on the back burner? Tried it and found it more difficult than a stint at Betty Ford? Dutch company Just is here to help. By publicizing your plan to be a FB teetotaler, Just thinks falling

Internet Leaders Show Their Pride

For anti-gay religious groups looking for their next big boycott, the Internet is rife with opportunity this week. But because organization’s like Family Research Council and NOM are more bark than bite (and hypocrites and cowards, as well), we’ll likely never see a bigot-backed boycott of Facebook