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Twitter Shuts Down Account That Waged War On Facebook Drag Queens

Twitter has played an unlikely role in the current battle between drag queens and Facebook. Upon learning of the “Real Name Police” account and its anti-gay spearheading of a campaign to sabotage drag queens on Facebook, Twitter took a rare and welcome step: suspension of the account.

Facebook Vs. Drag Queens Round 1: Facebook Wins

Most people are scared of starting fights with drag queens (drag queens usually win, remember Stonewall?), but Facebook is standing its ground. In the battle over which names can be displayed on personal profiles, Facebook maintains that “real names” (a.k.a. government names) are all that is allowed.

Email, Internet & Satellites Predicted In 1960s Comic Strip

Comics these days don’t predict much more than our bank account balance (if they’re good and we plan to get the next volume or issue). Back in the ’60s, however, they predicted the future (or the now?) with stunning accuracy. The Sunday comic strip Our New Age

Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog

We were treated last week to a depressing look at “Shredder: The Later Years.” Today the fangay melancholy continues with “Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog.” “What, you don’t mean hedgehogs can run at speeds that’d make a Ferrari blush and transform their bodies into flying ballistics?” — the

Campaign Launches To Help You Quit Facebook For 99 Days

Been meaning to take a Facebook break but keep putting it on the back burner? Tried it and found it more difficult than a stint at Betty Ford? Dutch company Just is here to help. By publicizing your plan to be a FB teetotaler, Just thinks falling

Dell Unblocks Gay Content From Its SonicWALL Filtering Software

Dell was on the wrong end of Internet outrage recently when an unflattering fact came to light: its SonicWALL Internet filtering system, widely used by network administrators around the world, had blocked gay content. For example, Dell’s SonicWall system blocked We Are Family, which is an undeniable